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Should You Move During Your Divorce?

By- wpadmin | Nov 3, 2021 | No Comments

Oftentimes, in a situation where two spouses live together during their divorce, one spouse wishes to move out of the marital residence. This might be desired for any number of reasons, one of which is to create more peace in each person’s daily life where great turmoil might exist. But is it a good idea to move out of the home when so many issues related to the divorce remain un [....]

What is the Exit Tax?

By- wpadmin | Sep 3, 2021 | No Comments

We all know someone who has sold their home in New Jersey to move to another state and complained about the dreaded New Jersey “Exit Tax.” But is the Exit Tax as dreadful as it sounds?

It is the pre-payment of income tax on the proceeds from the sale of your home. Whether you are a resident or non-resident, all home owners in New Jersey pay income taxes on their home sal [....]

The Homestead Rebate and Your Home Sale

By- wpadmin | Jul 13, 2021 | No Comments

The Homestead Rebate is a reduction in an eligible homeowner’s New Jersey property tax bill. There are a particular set of requirements to qualify. See NJ Division of Taxation – Homestead Benefit Program – Eligibility Requirements (state.nj.us).

It [....]

You Need Your Own Attorney When Negotiating a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

By- gagliardilawllc | Jun 30, 2021 | No Comments

Unfortunately, a pre-nuptial agreement is generally an adversarial document that is negotiated between the parties. It is required to be executed before the marriage. So each party will want what is in their best interest at the time of execution.

It might feel counter-intuitive that two people who are presumably in love would want [....]

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