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Stefanie is committed to her clients by vehemently fighting for their protections and rights. Stefanie has handled countless cases, real estate, divorce and family law disputes.  She treats each case with respect and she is sensitive to the delicate nature of each matter and each family dispute.  From the beginning of her career, Stefanie handled all of her cases through to conclusion, spending countless hours in mediations, settlement conferences and courtrooms.  The relationships that grew with her clients, and witnessing her impact on their lives, increased her passion for her work and her desire to assist others through civic work in her community. 


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divorce and family lawyer.

Navigating the judicial system alone can be a daunting experience; there are numerous issues that require resolution. Stefanie's guidance makes it a smoother road to traverse. She will protect your rights and she will guide you through the process. You will find yourself in the company of an attorney that cares about your individual experience.

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